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Yield Optimization

Our SSP platform measures the publisher revenue against the various CPM (floor) prices offered to the demand partners. Thereafter, it analyzes the data to offer a more optimized CPM value to increase the publisher ad revenue further. Our technology works on increasing your demand fill rate, by connecting with multiple networks in real-time.

Customized AdTech Solution

As we are expert in AdTech, especially videos -- you can connect with us for any custom requirement.
We provide sleek solutions, easily integrated to your existing infrastructure.

OTT Advertisement Solution

You are at the right place, if you are looking up for a customized AdTech platform or solution, for your OTT business. Insert video-ads (in real-time), into your video streams, in a very cost-effective manner, to increase your profit margins.

Realtime Performance Analytics

The realtime analytics is an integral part of our platform. We share our dashboard with you to see the realtime reports and insights to better understand:how your property and the audience, are currently doingOr, what could be a better deal, that you deserve.

The TechCrumb team are great partners and technically adept at what they do. They are professional, responsive and fun to work with. The team has been effective at helping us build integrations and connectors, We highly recommend them.



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