Video Analytics
& Marketing Platform

A platform with deep video analytics that let
publishers integrate (other) marketing
content into their video content.

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Real Time Analytics

VAMP provides simple and customized video content analytics: It includes video content performance, advertisement fill rate, geographic reach, various browsers used and many more customized information for better targeting of audience and business decision making. VAMP makes this information available in real time without any lag which helps in monitoring your live performance specifically beneficial during campaigns saving time if any change in strategy is required. VAMP provides customized dashboard as per publisher's specific needs.

Custom Player Branding

VAMP offers you flexibility to customize player's look and feel ,as per your branded theme including your logo at preferred place.

Clean User Experience

TC Player provides more engrossing , smooth and clean experience of videos to the audience, without unwanted third party video suggestions, that takes viewers away from your website. Thereby helping in decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the viewability of your content.

Third Party Player

Our Player

Lead Capturing

Display "Lead Capturing" forms with in your video content. You can configure the behavior and timings for the same. This may increase your chances of getting leads from content, as these are very convenient and more engaging to the users.


VAMP provides you an interface to design your "Polling" and "Feedback" surveys. You can insert these surveys into your video streams, at the preferred place.

Sponsored Videos/ Events

VAMP enables you inserting other video or banner content in your main video stream, hence it enables you in promoting your other campaigns.

Personalised Social Sharing

Seamlessly share videos across various networking sites  with your own web page links rather than hosting platform's, thereby increasing your brand value and traffic being directed to your website rather than third party hosting platforms.

TechCrumb’s platform is exactly what a startup like Perspectico needs. It is an intelligent video analytics systems which enables us to not only generate leads, but also gain significant insights regarding the user behavior. Much recommended for everyone!!



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