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Increase your revenue significantly, by receiving
real time bids from your inventory, from
different demand partners

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Yield Optimization

Our SSP platform measures the publisher revenue against the various CPM (floor) prices offered to the demand partners. Thereafter, it analyzes the data to offer a more optimized CPM value to increase the publisher ad revenue further. Our technology works on increasing your demand fill rate, by connecting with multiple networks in real-time.

Customised AdTech Solution

As we are expert in AdTech domain - you can approach us for any custom requirement.

Programmatic Selling

We help you selling your inventory programmatically to get the higher bids, by reaching out to hundreds of demand partners, globally. Not only this, also, you can manage your own direct-sale campaigns through our platform


The realtime analytics is an integral part of our platform. We share our dashboard with you to see the realtime reports and insights to better understand:how your property and the audience, are currently doingOr, what could be a better deal, that you deserve.

TechCrumb provides the best platform for publishers to monetize the video content and generate more revenue. The video-player enables us, to arrange lead generation, survey, pre-roll ad and more, within the stream. Real-time reports with the interactive dashboard is very useful. Overall, it’s a great platform for all publishers for revenue generation.



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