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Take ultimate control of videos hosted at
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TC Player will increase your revenue potential by inserting sponsored content (like videos, banners or images) into your video streams, in a very cost effective manner. You can also run out-stream video campaigns using our player. We also offer you solution to generate revenue from the performance campaigns (by inserting lead forms or surveys into your video stream).

Supports popular Video Formats

TC Player is compatible with most of the popular video formats like HLS , MP4, live-streams , Youtube, Vimeo and many more.


TC Player is fully compatible with VAST and VPAID standards. Most of the ad-networks, ad-agencies or DSP partners, today, offer their VAST tag for matching the realtime demand, so, TC Player makes it very easy to integrate with your ad partners.

AutoPlay on Viewability

TC Player is smart enough to detect the browser restrictions to handle auto play smoothly. You can also, tune the auto-play behavior as per the viewability settings. We are pro-active to update our player, as per the latest browser standards and features.

Clean User Experience

TC Player provides more engrossing , smooth and clean experience of videos to the audience, without unwanted third party video suggestions, that takes viewers away from your website. Thereby helping in decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the viewability of your content.

Our Player

Third Party Player

Easiest to Integrate

TC Player is very easy to integrate, as it is built upon plug and play model. Hence, there is no initial setup cost. All you need, is - our player tag for your web page.

Personalised Social Sharing

Seamlessly share videos across various networking sites  with your own web page links rather than hosting platform's, thereby increasing your brand value and traffic being directed to your website rather than third party hosting platforms.

Realtime Performance Analytics

TC Player provides you simple and very insightful, realtime analytics. It includes video content performance, advertisement fill rate, as well as, your ad networks performance. This may help you in making better business decisions.

TechCrumb provides the best platform for publishers to monetize the video content and generate more revenue. The video-player enables us, to arrange lead generation, survey, pre-roll ad and more, within the stream. Real-time reports with the interactive dashboard is very useful. Overall, it’s a great platform for all publishers for revenue generation.



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